Application Programming Interface

What is an API?

A means for future-proof integrations between applications.


How to use it

Find out how you can use the API in your organisation.

For developers

What is an API?

When a service department works with multiple tools, stable integrations are essential to prevent loss of information. At TOPdesk, we know how important it is that our software works well with your other tools. That’s why we’ve introduced the TOPdesk API: an interface that opens up TOPdesk and lets other tools communicate seamlessly with ours – without complicated bespoke work.

We already offer a number of standard integrations like Active Directory and Microsoft Skype for Business. Thanks to the API you now can independently extend your TOPdesk features and build integrations, making life easier for you and your team.

The benefits

No expensive bespoke work

The API lets you make simple integrations that won’t break down at every update.

Calls, changes, assets, ...

Easily integrate your tools with your processes in TOPdesk.

No extra costs

The API is free to use and compatible with the newest TOPdesk version.

Save time transferring data

No more time-consuming manual transfers of information.

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