Application Programming Interface


These tutorials will guide you through the steps needed to access and view the API in TOPdesk and see some examples. It will not tell you anything about the techniques used: HTTP, REST and JSON.

Note: As you are reading this we assume you already have a TOPdesk 7.11.005 or later running. If you are using an older TOPdesk version, please refer to the old tutorial

In the tutorials we refer to a TOPdesk installation that is running on localhost (http://localhost).

General configuration

Configure TOPdesk

Show/Hide Settings and permissions needed to make use of the API

Configure Chrome

Show/Hide Setup Chrome to create and test API-requests

Using the API

Create an application password

Create an application password needed to communicate with the API Show/Hide

Incident Management API examples

Some examples of how the Incident API can be used Show/Hide

Change Management API examples

Some examples of how the Change API can be used Show/Hide

Reporting API (SaaS only)


Show/Hide This tutorial will walk you through setting up and accessing the Reporting API to query data from TOPdesk.

Configure permissions and filters

Show/Hide Set up required permissions and filters to work with Reporting API

Create reports in BI tool

Show/Hide Get OData feed from TOPdesk in Microsoft Power BI